Tuesday 8 October 2013

Durian - The King of Fruits

The Durian fruit is an exotic fruit, well known as the 'king of fruits' in South East Asia. During the durian fruit season, the fruits will ripen and fall off the tree and then picked up collectively for sale. Not everyone would like to smell the odour of the exotic fruit, except those who have eaten durians and really crave for the smell of it.  The fruit consist of the a husk full of sharp thorns with variable sizes, shapes and weight. The odour produced from the flesh bulb is so strong that it could escape through the thick husk layer. They are never plucked from the tree in order to ensure that they are ripe and bear fleshy bulb.

Durian is known as king of fruit among durian lovers

  Nutrition Of The Durian Fruit 

 A rich source of  minerals and vitamins such as : antioxidant, vitamin-C, Vitamin of B-complex, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-1. The minerals sources obtained from durians include iron, copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium.
 The soft succulent flesh bulb can instantly replenish energy as they also contain fructose, sucrose, essential fats and high level of amino acid. It is totally cholesterol free and very rich in dietary fibre.
Vitamins are essentials replenishment for our body system in order to protect us against infectious diseases and harmful radicals like cancer growth cells. Copper and Iron  together helped in production and formation of red blood cells.  Manganese acts a co-factor for antioxidant enzyme while potassium is for control of heart rate and blood pressure.

The nutritious value of durian fruit