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Edible Bird's Nest is a dessert delicacy which is consumed mostly by Asians. In the past bird nest was considered as a symbol of success as only the affluent class could afford to pay for the high price.

Medical research has been carried out, reporting that bird nest enzymes and hormone can stimulate reproduction and rebirth of human cells. Effective results have been observed when consumed by children as well as weak and sick person.

Health articles written by biochemists have cited that bird's nest contain some bioactive elements which can nourish and replenish deficiencies in the human body. Bird's nest also contain essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine. Research pharmaceutical and herbal producing companies have been doing more research to promote the use of edible nest as base materials for organic health products so that these supplements are more natural and safe for consumption.

Edible bird nest is reputed to be good for the lungs and cough, and can enhance on health immunity and well-being. Frequent consumption results in young, radiant and fairer skin complexion.  Bird nest contains anti-oxidant and stimulate anti-aging effect.

Today the supply of bird nests has increased and is more affordable when more purpose-built cave farm houses are built to lure swiftlets to stay and hatch the eggs there. The swiftlets are not caged as they simply fly in out by their own natural instinct. Amplified sounds of swiftlet chirping and mating are continuously played throughout the day with speakers installed within the building to attract swiftlets to nest inside the buildings. Light intensity, humidity levels, air flow & pressure levels, required swiftlet odour and flight path are the main factors which are carefully implemented in the farm house to lure and increase the swiftlet population in the farm house. Regular house-keeping must be carried out so that the swiftlet will stay on and not migrate elsewhere.

And Bird's Nest farming is now a growing industry in Malaysia. Bird's Nest is either sold in it's original state after harvesting ; or in processed form after going through the tedious process of removing birds' feathers and cleaning.

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