High speed lifestyles leave many of us on the run, gobbing down pre-cooked meals and takeaways, washing them down with soft drinks or coffee and tea. Pre-cooked meals and fast-food takeaways are highly processed foods with low nutrition. Drinks like black coffee and tea can reduce mineral absorption.

Modern day sickness like chronic stress depletes vitamin supply. 'Cortisol' , the hormone released with stress, uses up Vitamin B and C which eventually drain out all the vitamins from the body.

It is important to know that vitamin pills provide specific nutrient that is more concentrated than natural food sources, which pose a greater risk of adverse reactions.  The United States Preventive Service Force (USPSTF) announced in 2013 that common doses of calcium and vitamin D do not prevent fractures in women past menopause who have healthy bones, and they may raise the risk of kidney stones.

Two case studies under scientific scrutiny showed indications that men and women who get high calcium levels from supplements are more likely to die of heart disease than those who get calcium from natural food diet instead calcium tablets. New health studies have been evaluating and questioning the health value of supplements like fish oil, antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and beta-carotene pills. More is not always better, so beware of the negative health impact and avoid taking different types of individual supplements or high doses.
According to the Organic Consumers Association in USA, man-made vitamins cannot benefit the body in the same way as those obtained naturally from food sources. The unnatural forms of vitamin supplements could do more harm than good.

We need certain amount of vitamins and mineral nutrients and it preferably to obtain them by eating a variety of healthy food.  It all depends on what you take, how natural it is, and whether the amount is right for the body's need. Having a well-balanced meal is the best way to promote good health and vital to know that nutritional supplements cannot replace a healthy diet.

Hence, whenever I come across any good article about food that can supply beneficial nutrients and stimulate healing effects, I will post them in this blog for sharing and to ensure that the information is retrievable when required.

Enjoy your reading and live with good health!

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