Wednesday 28 August 2013

PARSLEY - Kidney Cleanser

The kidneys function as a natural filter in our body system by removing salt and toxic waste when blood flows through the kidney vessels.

Parsley is known as best natural cleaning treatment for kidneys although not many people can accept the flavor or aroma of the leaves.

Removal Of Accumulated Waste In The Kidney Naturally

This is a simple method which does not cost much. Take a bunch of parsley ( Malli Leaves )and wash it thoroughly. Cut the leaves into small pieces and boil them in a pot of clean water for 10 minutes. Then let the water cool down in a glass container and filter out the leaves before storing the container in the refrigerator.

By drinking 1 glass daily, all the accumulated salt and toxic waste will be removed more effectively from our kidneys by urination. Improvements in our health can be observed after drinking the parsley drink.


Filtered waste are naturally diverted from the kidney system to the urinary bladder for removal in order to help maintain and regulate acidity balance, mineral salts, water balance and blood pressure.  Kidney diseases like kidney stones, renal cysts, acute and chronic renal failures are on the rise, hence it is important to ensure that our kidneys are maintained in proper functioning condition.

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